Sunday, March 4, 2018

Schalke began to win victory after winning

A third consecutive victory climbed Schalke 04 to a second position in the Bundesliga for at least a while. This time, the king-cheeks rejoiced the Feltins Arena after they had 1-0 over Hertha (Berlin). The Juventus bracelet, Marco Piaza, hit a goal in the 37th minute after a sharp pass by Daniel Calizzuri and a pass to Franco di Santo. Miners dominated most of the meeting, but in the last half hour they were forced to defend themselves and did it in a perfect way. This deprived the meeting of more interesting moments, but the hosts still accomplished their goal.

After the good results according archive of combo tips last season, Hertha suffers, with only seven successes in 25 games. The downside threatened Mainz 05 and Wolfsburg are only 6 points behind the capital.



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