Sunday, March 11, 2018

A successful Russian coach justifies Sharapova`s decision

One of the most successful Russian tennis coach, Victor Yanchuk, commented Maria Sharapova`s decision to end his 4-year working relationship with Sven Groenefeld.

If you want to win, you have to change something. Loans, change your workouts, your routine. This is a creative process, and to have four years with a coach is a lot. Apparently, their joint work has stopped yielding positive results analyzed by rugby picks , so it is commendable that Maria wants to be dissatisfied and has decided on this change with a desire for new victories.

There must always be a reaction when an athlete suffers a defeat. It`s always unpleasant. Maria can claim Gronofeld, especially recently. When you do not achieve your goals, it`s easy to break the relationship with the coach. The last drop was Indian Wells. Meanwhile, the years do not work for Masha, Yanchuk told R-Sport.

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