Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Turkish player gathered everyone`s eyes in Filley

Furkan Korkmaz is preparing for his debut season at the NBA but has already impressed his new teammates, and especially JJ Jared.The 20-year-old Turkish guard was selected under No. 26 in last year`s Draft, but stayed in his native country for a season to fly to the US this summer and sign with Sixs.before pre-season preparation - a match predicted by questions for fixed football matches between all players in the squad divided into two teams.Radek was amazed at the performance of his new addition and did not conceal his surprise from talking to NJ.com. `` Damn him, he just came out of nowhere and was surprised, `said Reed`s experienced replacement of Los Angeles with Philadelphiathis summer.Korkmaz has left positive impressions in the coaching staff, as Brett Brown also did not spare any praise for his performance.

He was shooting well and I think he generally performed well.I do not just talk about his shooting, but also about the defense, because he also showed some extras, commenting the coach of SIXERS.

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