Friday, October 20, 2017

Juve made a strong start of the season, says Quinley

Although Juventus is 5 points from the top in Italy and at the same time suffered a heavy loss of Barcelona in the Champions League 0-2, the defender of the team Giorgio Cielini does not think there is any problem. We started the season well, said the Italian national today. `We are a team whose goal is to be in its strongest form in March, ` Chielenini continued. `Over the past few years we`ve always been like a good diesel engine. Now we are just like last season. Before two, we even started even worse. We need peace and everything will come.

During the weekend, Calcio`s champion lost 1: 2 from Lazio as host. This wrong step will not have any negative impact on us - believes Kelleli. - With all his respect for Lazio, who has earned success, but there is no basis for comparison between the two teams. We are currently 2 points lower than a year ago at that time - that is, below, we have achieved what we expected at this stage. And yet the matches fro m 11livematches with the national teams have further exhausted our forces.

Tomorrow Juventus accepts Sporting (Lisbon) at a Champions League meeting. According to the experienced defender, this is a key clash because Barcelona will surely leave the group and Olympiacos will be eliminated. Thus the Italians and Portuguese will determine the second team, which will continue to the stage of direct elimination.

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