Monday, October 23, 2017

Have Bayern and Dortmund supported?

Day after the end of the matches analyzed by soccer livescore of Bayern Munich and Borussia (Dortmund), the most discussed topics in Germany are two violations. The champions defeated Hamburger SC with 1: 0, but the fact that from the 39th minute they played with a guy after Gideon Jung was sent off with a direct red card for a violation against Kingsley Commander. Before that, Westphalia had made 2: 2 against Eintracht (Frankfurt), but this could also lead to a player being eliminated. Mark Bartra went very roughly to Sebastian Aller`s legs, but he got out with a yellow card.

Hamburger CF Marcus Gisdol had something to say: For me Jung was not for chasing. If we compare his defeat to that of Bartra, who was not eliminated, there was no way a red card could be picked up. The violation of the Borussia player was even more harsh. The former Bundesliga judge, Bernd He inemann, also believes Barta deserves to take over to the dressers: There are no two opinions - this was a red card. This is where the new video replication system could be used, but the referee Robert Hartmann did not even want to take advantage of her services. Here is the mistake of both his assistants and the backup judge who did not tell him.

Eintracht manager Freddie Bobic determined the action of the Spanish defender as madness and an obvious red card. Former Bayern football player Thomas Strautz also ruled the Frankfurt Arbitrator`s decision as a failure.

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