Monday, January 9, 2017

Mourinho: 'In critical moments, we were very calm.`

The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho admitted that there was no tension in the team in the moments when the results according were weak.
Up to date, the team has been in a fantastic shape and it is reaping success after success, but things were not good over a month ago, when the team was unstable.
'When you are in a series of two or three months when you win, then you are in heaven. All players are friends and they hug and kiss each other. At the opposite, however, usually there is a lot of pressure. To us, however, things were not so bad and the situation was calm even in the moments when we had serious problems.`, Jose admitted.
'We were very calm and we were not in hell. We were simply unaware that things will work out and I am happy that the team finally managed to find itself and started to win again.`
'I can say that we firmly set foot on Earth, even though we are in a great series, and we are not too proud of what we have achieved.`, said Mourinho.

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