Friday, October 28, 2016

Higuain: 'Criticize me if that makes you happy!'

The most expensive soccer player in the history of Italian football Gonzalo Higuain is going through rather hard times lately, at least when it comes to his performances with the team of his native Argentina. He has made crucial gaps in big matches for the national team and was subjected to scathing criticism in his homeland.
The attacker called to be left alone, but at the same time fulfilled the desire of fans for better performances from his side.
'People have the right to say what they think. And if they want to criticize me, then they can do it, that\'s their right. Just tell them that I'm not just a football player, but first and foremost a person and I have the right to live as any other person.'
'Yes, it happens sometimes to suffer, but it is so in the life of every person. Football is my life, but sometimes in life, there are more important things. I don't want to complain and I will move on. Yet people criticize me, I missed one on one situations against the goalkeeper, rather than seeing other things.'
'They do a review about you from one or two misses out of the World Cup. For them, if you score goals, then you are a big football player and if you miss opportunities, then you are a loser. But I will continue to believe in myself, and those who don't, will continue in this way.', said Higuain to the media in his homeland.

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