Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sampdoria will give money to Cassano to make him go away

The President of Sampdoria Massimo Ferraro is ready to offer a serious amount to the spoiled star Antonio Cassano, just to make him walk away from the team, according to the Italian media.
The size of the proposed compensation for early termination of the contract of the attacker is not reported, but likely to be minimum salaries of football players for next year.
The problem is however that Cassano himself does not want such a deal. He wants to play for the `Mariners` in the upcoming campaign, but no one at the club predicted by doesn`t want him. And he`s so stubborn, he won`t leave Genoa, while there is a contract.
That`s why tonight there will be an important final meeting between him and Ferraro. After that, it will be clear what will happen with Cassano. The 34-year-old veteran is certainly upset by the fact that there are still no offers for him and that`s why he didn`t want to leave early the team.

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