Sunday, July 24, 2016

Rakitic does not want to leave Barca

The Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic expects that he will remain in the team and in the next season, despite the rumors of a breakup.
Interestingly, the rumours were reinforced by the former player agent, who published a mysterious message on Twitter `it`s time for check-out`.
It turns out that the Croatian midfielder has no intention at all to go and feels happy at the Stadium Camp Nou despite the surprising purchase of Andre Gomes.
Barcelona`s coach Luis Enrique firm wants to keep Rakitic and even pushes his contract to be extended, according to the press.
The current contract expires in the year 2019, and in all probability, it will be extended by one more season anytime soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sampdoria will give money to Cassano to make him go away

The President of Sampdoria Massimo Ferraro is ready to offer a serious amount to the spoiled star Antonio Cassano, just to make him walk away from the team, according to the Italian media.
The size of the proposed compensation for early termination of the contract of the attacker is not reported, but likely to be minimum salaries of football players for next year.
The problem is however that Cassano himself does not want such a deal. He wants to play for the `Mariners` in the upcoming campaign, but no one at the club predicted by doesn`t want him. And he`s so stubborn, he won`t leave Genoa, while there is a contract.
That`s why tonight there will be an important final meeting between him and Ferraro. After that, it will be clear what will happen with Cassano. The 34-year-old veteran is certainly upset by the fact that there are still no offers for him and that`s why he didn`t want to leave early the team.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

West Ham tried to get Tevez back

West Ham has attempted to bring back Carlos Tevez in the team, but was denied by the high financial claims on the Argentine, confirmed one of the owners, David Sullivan.
The attacker demanded to take 250 000 pounds a week until tender on the `Hammers` has been about 150 000, which ultimately meant that by the agreement and will not be reached.
`We tried to get Tevez, but he asked for 250 000 a week. In this situation, it will leave u where it is right now and where we don`t pay a lot of taxes.`, Sullivan said.
The Argentinian returned to Boca Juniors after a successful career in Europe, which started from West Ham. During the 2006-2007 season, he scored 7 goals in the last 10 meetings and helped the campaign for survival. He always talked about his love for the `Hammers`, but the boss feels that he was not completely honest.
`In this business, those words probably mean that many will love West Ham if we pay him for 250 000 per week. It really is a great love for us. I think either way our proposal was extremely good.`, he added.
Londoners still settled a new player for the attack, though not a quarterback. The team figured out with Besiktas for Gokhan Torre who will arrive at the team hired for the season, and then can be bought.