Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The trial of Lionel Messi begins

Barcelona starts the trial of Lionel Messi and his father for tax evasion.
The Argentinian is accused of has gotten about 4 million from tax evasion.
After winning the Championship and the Cup of Spain, the five-term winner of the Golden Ball and his father will face in court on charges by June 2013.
The process will continue until June 2, when Messi and his father will testify. Appearance in court will be only days before he was to join his teammates from Argentina for the Copa America.
Messi and his father Jorge Horacio Messi are accused have used a series of companies in Belize and Uruguay to avoid taxes of 4.2 million. The sum was obtained from the sale of image rights of Leo for the period from 2007 to 2009.
They both paid a 5 million euro of tax after they were formally indicted in 2013 has three charges against them and the Spanish prosecutors want prison from 22.5 months for Messi and his father, if they are found guilty. In addition, they will have to pay fines in the amount for which they are accused of illegally were arrested.
Any possible verdict, however, is likely to be executed, as is the practice in Spain for the first offence and conviction within 2 years it should not be implemented. According to the Spanish law the defendant is not obliged to attend the whole trial, if prosecutors are seeking a sentence of less than two years, which means that Messi may appear only on 2 June for his statement.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Barca criticized the ban for Catalan flags

Barcelona expressed displeasure of the police ban on the importation of Catalan flags at the Metropolitan Stadium `Vicente Calderon` where the champions will meet Sevilla in the final match analyzed by fixed football picks of the tournament for the National Cup.
Local authorities have banned fans from Barcelona to flying the symbol of the desire of the citizens of the city to achieve independence for the Catalan region. According to the authorities, that falls into one box with violence, racism, homophobia and intolerance in sport.
`FC Barcelona doesn`t agree with this ban. This decision is a direct attack against the freedom of own opinion, which is a fundamental right of every person wishing to express his views without censorship. It is recognized in the Universal Declaration of human rights.`, reads the position of the Catalans.
Barcelona took a fine of 30,000 euros last year after the Catalan team`s fans unfurled flags of the final of the UEFA Champions League in Berlin. The club was fined 40,000 euros in October for the same offence during the match analyzed by fixed football picks by the most prestigious club tournament against the German Bayer Leverkusen.
`Barcelona will continue to protect freedom of their members and fans to express their views. Our supporters have always demonstrated a high level of courtesy and respect.`, they said from the club.
Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao have been at the center of an unprecedented incident last year when they played Cup final. Both the Basques and the Catalans booed the first Spanish King, who was in the stands, and then the national anthem of the country.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Busquets renewed his contract with Barca before the Euro 2016

Sergio Busquets will sign his new contract with Barcelona in Copa del Rey final via football predictions and before the midfielder to join the camp of the Spain national team for the European Championships.
In February last year, the 27-year-old football player renew his contract with the club until the summer of 2019, while the liberating clause that was included in his contract worth 175 million euros. In the contract, there is a clause for its continuation with another season.
The 27-year-old midfielder will sign a formal contract after his new Cup of Spain between Barcelona and Sevilla on May 22.
The Spanish International will become one of the best-paid players of the Catalans. According to `El Mundo Deportivo`, the salary of Busquets will be aligned with that of Andres Iniesta. Currently, Sergio Busquets is the sixth in terms of salary in Barcelona.
Busquets has become an integral part of the team o Luis Enrique and is one of the strongest performing players from the start of the season.