Thursday, March 24, 2016

Conte: `I have never for regretted taking over Italy.`

The coach of the Italian national football team Antonio Conte said he has no reservations about the decision to go on with Italy.
The words of the expert come to celebrate the news that after the end of Euro 2016 he will leave his post. The outcome was confirmed days earlier by the President of the local Football Federation Carlo Tavekio. Certainly the specialist again will return to club according soccer win picks football, as well as in Italy, and in England that will take on Chelsea.
Today, Italy will play a control match with Spain, which was the first meeting after the notice for the upcoming breakup with Beau.
`You, the media, asked me to give you clarity as early as possible in the name of the national team. So the Federation can plan ahead and is not reaching the European Championships with a coach who is not aware of his destiny. It makes me think that I acted in the manner that you requested. Did you want to be precise and clear, I was like that.`, Conte commented.
`Of course, it`s frustrating when you`re trying to find a contradiction in everything to create a noisy title and get in trouble. To lead the national team was a fantastic experience and a day I have not regretted that decision. On the contrary, quite the contrary. I hope everyone has a chance, because the national team remains with you forever. Working at a club according soccer win picks level and to lead the nation in which they were born, are two entirely different things.`
`I said that I was not used in the best way, because I was promised when appointed coach of Italy, I`m working a lot more than actually happened. No disrespect to anyone. I always require respect and try to react in the same way in return. I thought I could do more in this role, it was promised. It didn`t happen, so we`re moving forward.`
`It doesn`t change anything in terms of the team. I see a unique opportunity, the same holds true for the players. This is my first European Championships, already feeling the responsibility, and by June all over Italy will drive us forward. So we have to come up with a powerful force to shorten its backlog compared to the other teams.`, added Conte.

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