Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Premier League player accused in violation of the rules for betting

The defender Martin Demichelis from Manchester City was charged by the Football Association in England because of the infringement in relation to betting.
In a statement the FA on Wednesday says: `There are claims that the footballer is connected to 12 violations of the rules of the Football Association relating to football matches by rugby tips between 22 January and 28 January 2016.`
The player of Argentina must respond to the Football Association by 5 April.
FA rules prohibit footballers in England to bet on any games in the world. Football players in the country may not gamble and the events associated with football, transfers of players from one club to another, switching coaches and any changes to the organizational level in the clubs.
The footballers in England are forbidden to give information to someone who could use it when betting.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Conte: `I have never for regretted taking over Italy.`

The coach of the Italian national football team Antonio Conte said he has no reservations about the decision to go on with Italy.
The words of the expert come to celebrate the news that after the end of Euro 2016 he will leave his post. The outcome was confirmed days earlier by the President of the local Football Federation Carlo Tavekio. Certainly the specialist again will return to club according soccer win picks football, as well as in Italy, and in England that will take on Chelsea.
Today, Italy will play a control match with Spain, which was the first meeting after the notice for the upcoming breakup with Beau.
`You, the media, asked me to give you clarity as early as possible in the name of the national team. So the Federation can plan ahead and is not reaching the European Championships with a coach who is not aware of his destiny. It makes me think that I acted in the manner that you requested. Did you want to be precise and clear, I was like that.`, Conte commented.
`Of course, it`s frustrating when you`re trying to find a contradiction in everything to create a noisy title and get in trouble. To lead the national team was a fantastic experience and a day I have not regretted that decision. On the contrary, quite the contrary. I hope everyone has a chance, because the national team remains with you forever. Working at a club according soccer win picks level and to lead the nation in which they were born, are two entirely different things.`
`I said that I was not used in the best way, because I was promised when appointed coach of Italy, I`m working a lot more than actually happened. No disrespect to anyone. I always require respect and try to react in the same way in return. I thought I could do more in this role, it was promised. It didn`t happen, so we`re moving forward.`
`It doesn`t change anything in terms of the team. I see a unique opportunity, the same holds true for the players. This is my first European Championships, already feeling the responsibility, and by June all over Italy will drive us forward. So we have to come up with a powerful force to shorten its backlog compared to the other teams.`, added Conte.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Caen vs Monaco

The teams of Caen and Monaco will meet in the 29th round of the French Ligue 1. Check out our soccer forecast.
The team of Caen has presented extremely strongly this season and we don`t think anyone would expect that in this period of the season they will be located on the 4th position in the standings with an equal number of points with the third Lyon. The backlog of the team from its upcoming opponent, who was the second, eight points so that Caen can even dream of and more front rank if it is successful on Friday night. However, the battle for the third place in the League is quite controversial, since the difference between the third and the ninth in the table is just four points. This means that Caen must be very strong by the end of the season, if it wants to fight for a place in European club tournaments in the next campaign.
In the last round, `red and blue` made a very important success as a guest of St Etienne, who is a direct competitor for the top positions. Caen outplayed them with 2:1 after goals by Andy Delors and Ronny Rodelin. At home, however, the team made four losses in the last six games, and in the past round in front of an audience of its own, the players of Patrice Garand beat Rennes with 1:0, but lost against Reims, so that their performance can be defined as tentative. If they want to win against Monaco, they need to show their best form since their opponent is among the strongest in the championship this season.
The guests are the second in the table, and there are no views to be displaced from this position, as the advance to the third Lyon`s eight points. To reach the leader PSG ought to question - Parisians have 23 points more. So, Monaco only has to maintain a good rhythm for the rest of the season without a problem and will qualify for the Champions League.
Monaco is in a series of five straight shutouts in the League. In the last round they finished with a draw of 0:0 away against Nantes, and its previous visit brought them a point against St Etienne after 1:1. In his the visit of Caen, it won with 3:0, and at the level of the Ligue 1 they have not had a loss in seven consecutive matches against this opponent.
In the last three matches, the hosts scored a total of five goals, and in the previous two encounters of Monaco as guest, there were two goals. Given the importance of the meeting for Caen, expect them to approach very disciplined against a more classy rival, which is a prerequisite for a healthy tactical deception. Therefore, we expect again some goals than these two teams in the battle for a place in the Champions League.
Our soccer prediction predicted by is under 2.5 goals.