Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Silva: `Barcelona wants Markinhos.`

The footballer of Paris Saint-Germain Thiago Silva admitted that Barcelona showed interest in his compatriot and team-mate Markinhos.
Silva, however, is adamant that the mistake is of Markinhos, not the defender.
`The situation with Markinhos is very difficult. He is a player with tremendous qualities and can play at any one of the top teams in Europe. This is the reason why and from Barcelona to want and to have entered into contact with it. The error, however, is its agents Giuliano Bertolucci and Roberto Kalenda. They had to accept the offer of the PSG and Barcelona. From the outset, it was clear that the Markinhos its going to be hard to compete with me and David Lewis.`, said Thiago Silva.
`Markinhos must continue to work very hard in the summer to decide on their future. I believe he can play ball in Barcelona and will be presented at a very high level.`, said Silva.

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