Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Arsenal defender is pleased with the lack of new players

The Arsenal defender Nacho Montreal alleges that the lack of new players is actually good for the club.
As usual Arsene Wenger was criticized for insufficient activity on the transfer market after summer only took Petr Cech and in January, Mohammed Elneni, but the Spaniard did not bother, since the team is two points out of the top 12 rounds before the end.
`For us it is critical that we kept the atmosphere in the team. It is extremely important that relations between the players are good, and now it`s right. Uniform and this is evident and during matches.`, commented Montreal in front of the club`s official website.
`I see that we`re all together, and given the great atmosphere we have to earn trophies, and for this to happen it is necessary to have a strong collective. In the last few seasons playing with the same players, and new ones are quite a bit and no major changes in practice, which is nice. I think the team has never been better.`, he added.
Arsenal has had no match via in the middle of this week and will be rested for battle against the Hull of the 5th round of the FA Cup on Saturday. After this, however, is about the first encounter with Barcelona, as well as the visit of Manchester United next Sunday, so the team there are serious challenges.

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