Monday, February 29, 2016

FIFA is waiting for $ 600 million from Infantino

The new boss of FIFA Gianni Infantino takes over the World Football Federation on the brink of economic crisis because of corruption scandals raging in high places of authority more than a year.
According to the expert edition for finance `Forbes`, it depends largely on the 45-year-old Swiss whether the massive 600 million expected by 2018, will fall into the treasury of the organization.
According to Jerome Champagne, who was one of the candidates for President of the Congress on Friday, two of the major sponsors of FIFA have refused to commit to FIFA after the World Cup in Russia for corruption Affairs. For example, in Coca-Cola.
The company, producing the most popular soft drink in the world, will not participate in the next economic cycle after 2018, 20 of the 27 sponsors have withdrawn from other football tournaments. The worst case scenario foresees the release of earnings of 600 million dollars.
The money comes mostly from the FIFA World Football Championships. The Federation has an account for 5.7 billion dollars in revenues and an increase of 338 million dollars for the period from 2010 to 2014. For the period up to 2018 there are only 5 billion dollars expected.
According to the unofficial information (the report will be announced in March) FIFA`s reported a financial deficit of around 100 million dollars in 2015.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Conte refused to take on Real Madrid

The coach of the national team of Italy, Antonio Conte, has received the proposal in January to take over Real Madrid to replace Rafael Benitez, but has rejected the offer of President Florentino Perez, reports the `La Gazzetta Dello Sport`.
Conte`s desire is to fulfill his contract with the Italian Football Federation and to lead Italy at the European Championships in France.
After this, however, Conte will leave his post, and it seems that it will take over from Chelsea next season.
The contract of Conte with the Italian Football Federation expires after Euro 2016. According to recent information, he gave oral consent to take on Chelsea in the coming weeks it is expected to become an official fact and the London club adviced by soccer-stats to announce it for the new team manager.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Arsenal defender is pleased with the lack of new players

The Arsenal defender Nacho Montreal alleges that the lack of new players is actually good for the club.
As usual Arsene Wenger was criticized for insufficient activity on the transfer market after summer only took Petr Cech and in January, Mohammed Elneni, but the Spaniard did not bother, since the team is two points out of the top 12 rounds before the end.
`For us it is critical that we kept the atmosphere in the team. It is extremely important that relations between the players are good, and now it`s right. Uniform and this is evident and during matches.`, commented Montreal in front of the club`s official website.
`I see that we`re all together, and given the great atmosphere we have to earn trophies, and for this to happen it is necessary to have a strong collective. In the last few seasons playing with the same players, and new ones are quite a bit and no major changes in practice, which is nice. I think the team has never been better.`, he added.
Arsenal has had no match via in the middle of this week and will be rested for battle against the Hull of the 5th round of the FA Cup on Saturday. After this, however, is about the first encounter with Barcelona, as well as the visit of Manchester United next Sunday, so the team there are serious challenges.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Silva: `Barcelona wants Markinhos.`

The footballer of Paris Saint-Germain Thiago Silva admitted that Barcelona showed interest in his compatriot and team-mate Markinhos.
Silva, however, is adamant that the mistake is of Markinhos, not the defender.
`The situation with Markinhos is very difficult. He is a player with tremendous qualities and can play at any one of the top teams in Europe. This is the reason why and from Barcelona to want and to have entered into contact with it. The error, however, is its agents Giuliano Bertolucci and Roberto Kalenda. They had to accept the offer of the PSG and Barcelona. From the outset, it was clear that the Markinhos its going to be hard to compete with me and David Lewis.`, said Thiago Silva.
`Markinhos must continue to work very hard in the summer to decide on their future. I believe he can play ball in Barcelona and will be presented at a very high level.`, said Silva.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Soccer Tips - 09.02.2016

Bayer Leverkusen vs. Werder
Bayer Leverkusen looks like a much more powerful team in this pair for the quarter final of the tournament for the Cup of Germany. It was in September when Werder Bremen led with 3:0 defeat at home. As guests, their chances are not great. Our football prediction is 1.

Stuttgart vs. Borussia Dortmund
It won`t be surprising if the favorite in this fight in the face of Borussia Dortmund fails to win. Stuttgart is in a very good condition, having started the year with three straight wins. Borussia Dortmund at the weekend broke down against Hertha. The hosts have the forces to remain undefeated today. Our soccer forecast is 1X.

Sochaux vs. Monaco
Monaco hardly will experience serious difficulties against Sochaux. The hosts compete in Ligue 2, as their form is appalling. Sochaux has not had a victory in 6 straight games according bestsportpredictions against weak in Ligue 2. Monaco has had only one loss in the last 10 matches in League 1. Monaco plays very strong soccer in general. Our football forecast is 2.

Saint Malo vs. Ajaccio
A team from the third division is going against a team of the first. It is clear that there is a serious difference in the classes. In the previous round, Ajaccio defeated Guingamp with 3:0. Against a rival like St. Malo we believe they will not fail. Our soccer prediction is 2.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jackson Martinez: `The transfer was good for me and Atletico.`

The defender Jackson Martinez described his transfer in Guangzhou Evergrande as the best decision for himself and for his former team Atletico Madrid.
The 29-year-old Colombian has arrived in the Spanish capital in the summer, but he could not get used to the style of the coach Diego Simeone. He scored just 3 goals in 22 matches, so he decided to take advantage of the generous offer of the Chinese, who presented him as its own addition.
`It was a real honor to be a part of this club, but I think it`s time to start a new phase of his career.`, said the former ace of Porto.
`We talked a lot in the last few days and we have reached agreement that was best for all parties. I want to thank my teammates, the coaching staff and the people who work in Guangzhou, which showed great confidence in me and have made a lot of strength to attract me.`, added Martinez.
Atletico received 45 million euros for the goal scorer, which was quite a bit more than they paid Porto in the summer of 2015.