Monday, January 11, 2016

Tip: `If Balotelli comes early for practice, beware!`

You might think that you have seen everything from Mario Balotelli. Boasts of an infamous Raider are woefully aware of all fans of football, no matter whether they sympathize with the Italian or not. Can we, however, all know that?
Help comes from a former teammates of Super Mario in Inter - it`s about the Brazilian Kerlon. The midfielder was playing together with Balotelli in the period 2008-2010 and shared one of the usual and quite nasty jokes of Balotelli.
`Mario is a very good man and unusual personality, but off the pitch he does some unimaginable things.`, said the player. `For example, he had a habit of early to practice and be before everyone else. Then he`s been pissin` in the cleats of the football players and it seemed pretty fun. "
`I`ve never seen an 18-year-old kid to do something like that, and he didn`t have a drop of pity. Even players like Julio Cesar and Maicon were affected`, Kerlon added.

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