Friday, September 18, 2015

Thomas Tuhel: `We looked sloppy.`

Borussia Dortmund`s senior coach, Thomas Tuhel, praised the team`s top scorer in the match by against Krasnodar in the Europa League Park Joo-HO for `his big heart`.
The Korean brought the success of Borussia with a goal in overtime of the final match by with 2:1.
`I know him and I know that I can rely on him 100%. It`s not been easy - a new team, a new environment, different positions.`, said Tuhel, adding: `Park Joo-HO had to contend with the cramps, get off at the game, so it`s impressive that he realizes in the final minutes.`
`It took us a long time to find his style in the game. We looked sloppy. As you saw how we played in the qualifiers, I would say that we have a chance to easily win the Europa League.`, said Thomas Tuhel.

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