Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bakari Sagna: `After seven years at Arsenal I needed a change!`

The defender of Manchester City, Bakari Sagna, said that he left Arsenal in search of a new adventure in his career.
His transfer in 2013 for was extremely controversial, the Frenchman having previously refused several offers of `Gooners` for a new contract. The first season of the veteran in `citizens` wasn`t easy and he had great difficulties to be necessary in the first team. Now, however, Manuel Pellegrini`s betting on him more often, while the Arsenal fans have not forgiven his `infidelity` and accused him in covetousness.
`No one ever knew why I left Arsenal, but I spent seven years there and I needed a change. I`m one of the people who like to test their abilities and that was the right moment for such a move.`
`I came here and I had to fight with Pablo Sabaleta. Everyone knows what kind of football player he is top class, so I had to raise my level and to work more.`
Currently, the Argentinian is injured and Sagna made a series of matches, from which he plans to extract the maximum. `I`m just trying to play as well as we can, to be as effective in defensive plan. I want to be decisive and bursts, but above all to show perseverance for his team and to ensure security.`, added Sagna.

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