Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Footballer in Brazil received a red card for `I didn`t do anything.`

Lisandro Lopez was sent off in a match of the football championship of Brazil for the words: `I didn`t do anything.` Lopez said this phrase to the judge, who immediately showed him the yellow card. The yellow card was the second for Lopez and he was forced to leave the football field.
The judge himself explained how he interpreted the words of the player. `The footballer of Internationales, Lopez came to me after the signal and began to speak evil about my decision. He stated the following: `There was no violation, it`s not a yellow card. I didn`t do anything.` I report that at this point I have shown the player a second yellow card. `
It was written in the match report of the referee Andre Castro. Such conduct of the judge is the result according sport picks of a new recommendation of the Brazilian Soccer Confederation, which requires a `zero tolerance`, regarding the complaints of players.

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