Monday, December 8, 2014

Cagliari vs. Kiev - soccer tips

Don’t miss today’s match between Cagliari and Kiev as it is going to be quite interesting and tense! The experts from… are granting you a ready-made analysis on the coming event. That includes some stats and other valuable information – check it out:
Cagliari vs. Kiev – some say that it is the derby of the outsiders. The Islanders were 17th, a point ahead of their rival. The tactics of Zeman, namely the team to attack and score, was giving a partial success so far.
One thing is certain – there is no boredom in the matches of Cagliari. Currently, the team is in a series of five matches without a win and in the last round they suffered severe home loss from Fiorentina. We must say, however, that in this period the team of Zeman has played in the same way against AC Milan, Lazio, Genoa and Napoli and despite their busy agenda, they have managed to take the three points.
The schedule of Kiev is not so busy and probably that is the reason why the team to stop its fail – in September and October, the 'flying donkeys' took their only point from eight matches and naturally ended up in relegation zone. In their last four matches, however, there were no loss and the gentlemen of Verona accumulated six points, i.e. more than in the previous nine fights. In the last round the people of Rolando Maran achieved a draw against Lazio, and before that they did the same when playing against Udinese. It is obvious that the team of Kiev is having a progress.
In the team of hosts, there are some missing players today. These are Erickson and Sau, who are injured. What is more, Avelar's participation is questionable as well. The guests do not have such problems.
It is suggested that the upcoming event would be the equivalent collision, with a slight dominance on the part of the hosts. The Islanders, however, must be careful, because a goal of the enemy counterattack probably will reorganize the opponent's tactical 4-2-3-1 (as against Lazio) 4-3-2-1 and then the hosts may even lose the match. Anyway in that clash there will be no boredom, including tactical ‘fights’ between the two coaches.
If you are going not to watch the game only but place a bet in a certain bookmaker online, then you are probably interested in some exact football picks. So we think that Cagliari will be the winner today.

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